Disclosure and the New Regime: How Our Advice Solutions Help You with Disclosure

The new regulations have brought about some changes to how advisers need to handle disclosure. Once seen as a two-step process of primary and secondary, disclosure now relates to many different stages throughout the process. At OMNIMax we have built compliance into the DNA of our solutions and so when the regulations changed, so did we. This progressive disclosure mandates that you disclose why you are doing something at the time you are doing it. We’ve defined this in four stages, at each stage the disclosure gets deeper, and we’ve integrated this into our Advice solutions. Stage 1 Public Disclosure [...]

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The Top 5 Tips to Helping Clients Understand Your Advice

As we navigate our way through transitional licensing and the new legislation, a major focus has been on making sure that clients understand the financial advice they are given, which brings us to the question “what do you do to help your clients understand?”. We put this question to some of our adviser clients and here’s what they came up with… 1: Visuals are king. Research has proven that we ingest more quickly and retain information better with images as opposed to words. Humans are visual creatures, when you look at pages of text with no pictures there’s little chance you’ll [...]

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Become More Effective with FinTech

The term fintech refers to technology that enables parts of the financial services world to be automated. For advisers, it means using software to digitise and automate such tasks as portfolio rebalancing, data aggregation and keeping tabs on the particulars of each client’s financial situation. The result - less time spent crunching numbers, entering data and analysing spreadsheets and more time to connect and better understand clients. Technology is rapidly changing the way clients engage – software can visually give clients a picture of their financial position with automated charts and scenarios. It also allows advisors to visually show clients comparisons [...]

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