Easily accessible financial advice. Lead your customers on a digital journey to find their investment match…

Whether it’s an unwillingness to pay for investment advice or the mindset that they don’t have enough money to warrant it, there is a big opportunity for advisers to help the mass population to convert savings, that earn very little interest, into investments. Robo advice involves personalised recommendations on investing using technology to automate the tasks a Financial Adviser would normally do to recommend an investment strategy. Our tailored robo-adviser solution provides a self-guided advice option for low touch interaction with customers that can be escalated to an adviser if required.

Our Robo adviser involves three features from our solution set – a front-end customer discovery and investor profiling tool, customer portal platform and back-end adviser portal platform. Built with a custom flow and branding to suit your business to lead new customers through an online discovery process, determine their goals and timeframes, assess their risk appetite and investment preferences to find their best investment match.

With the client portal add-on let existing customers view their portfolios and monitor their investment performance, message them one to one or on-mass. In our adviser portal monitor and track progress of investors, intervene when in person advice is needed and have a complete record of everything your virtual customers do and the advice they have been given with a record of advice document.

ROBOAdvice Automated Advice Solutions

“We were looking for ways to expand our client base and entice new investors. The perception is that financial advice is expensive but with the Robo Adviser solution everyone can afford it.”

If you’re serious about delivering your advice at scale then let technology work for you, we can tailor a solution to suit your business.

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