End of Year Update; Happy Holidays

December 2020

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August Update; Upcoming Events

August 2020

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May Update; Post COVID

May 2020

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Isbister Partners KiwiSaver Tool

September 2020

The new Isbister Partners online Kiwisaver tool is designed to help you work out where you are at, find the appropriate scheme and play with the contributions you want to make and then you can join up online with their new Lifestages sign-up portal.

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Compound Wealth App Launch

September 2020

Compound Wealth has made use of our OMNIEngage calculator tools to get their customers interacting online… This retirement calculator allows a more in depth look at and modelling of your retirement scenarios!

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OMNICalc Launch for FoxPlan

May 2020

FoxPlan use OMNICalc to engage their website visitors and generate leads! We’ve just launched two updates for FoxPlan including a new FMA compliant KiwiSaver calculator and their upgraded ‘investment slider’ (pictured) – calculate how much your savings could be worth with FoxPlan…

View Foxplan Investment Slider >
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Project Launch for Lifestages

July 2020

Will you have enough money when you retire? Lifestages use OMNICalc to engage their website visitors and make sure they are informed! We’ve recently launched this FMA compliant KiwiSaver calculator for Lifestages, try it out here…

View Lifestages KiwiSaver Calc >
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    “BNZ worked closely with OMNIMax customising the OMNIEngage tool with BNZ look and feel. User feedback was incorporated to work through several iterations before the solution was finalised. While the OMNIMax team were building the application and database, they worked in house with BNZ to deploy the solution within the BNZ Azure environment. The collaboration was a great success delivering a rich and robust user application within a very short time frame.”

    Peter Forster
    General Manager – Wealth, BNZ