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7 Reasons Why You Need a Digital Advice Process

July 2023

Digital solutions have been embraced by industries worldwide including the financial advice industry.

Revenue Growth for Wealthpoint Nelson

March 2023

Wealthpoint Nelson have grown their revenue and improved their client experience with their KiwiSaver tool from OMNIMax.

FSC Conference 2022 Panel Discussion 

September 2022

Watch the panel discussion on ‘Unlocking consumer demand through growth and transformation’, featuring Jonathan.

Screenshot of an Investment News article titled 'Are you undertaking regular client KiwiSaver reviews?'

Are You Undertaking Regular Client KiwiSaver Reviews?

September 2022

Client reviews are often pushed to the backburner. Are you disadvantaging your business by not doing them?

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Ensuring Good Customer Outcomes

March 2022

OMNIMax’s Jonathan Taylor and Pauline Davis, Head of Technology for BNZ Wealth, have a conversation about OMNIEngage.

OMNIEngage Advisor Sales Tool

Providing Personalised KiwiSaver Advice at Scale

January 2022

Amicus had identified that they had a large client base in the KiwiSaver space and faced the growing challenge of how to engage all these clients.

OMNIEngage Advisor Sales Tool

A Custom Solution, for Custom Advice, in a Fraction of the Time

November 2021

“I can’t understand why technology isn’t more widely used by advisers, it’s all manual Word docs and spreadsheets. Every place I go, I try to have OMNIMax implemented.”

OMNIEngage Advisor Sales Tool

Work Smarter; Save 2-3 Hours on Your Investment Plans!

September 2021

“We feel there’s a need to lean on tech processes to grow”. Coupled with the suggestion that there is more admin than ever, there is a need to find faster ways to manage the investment process.

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The Challenges of Going Digital

July 2021

“Embracing digital within your business can boost your profits by improving efficiency and leaving more time to both spend with clients and gain new ones”, says OMNIMax’s director, Jonathan Taylor.

OMNIEngage Advisor Sales Tool

Model Client Scenarios in Real-Time

June 2021

A picture paints a thousand words. We all know the saying and its meaning, and so that begs the question why don’t we use this to our advantage?

OMNIEngage Advisor Sales Tool

A Fast, Efficient Solution for KiwiSaver Advice

May 2021

As the KiwiSaver market increases advisers are searching for quicker, simpler, and more efficient ways of giving advice to adapt to this customer base.

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Making Software Solutions Work for Our Clients & Theirs

March 2021

When an out-of-the-box solution does not suit OMNIMax develops a bespoke solution to match a client’s workflow and vision.

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Does Your Brokerage Have a “Repeatable” Online Process?

February 2021

Building an adviser platform can be like building a home. You can begin from scratch, or choose a ‘standard plan’ or a template that you can adjust to suit your needs.

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Should I Shift to a Digital Advice Process?

December 2020

Jonathan Taylor, our Managing Director, answers your questions about going digital with your advice process.

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Isbister Partners KiwiSaver Tool

September 2020

Isbister Partners online Kiwisaver tool is designed to help you work out where you are at, find the appropriate scheme and play with the contributions you want to make.

OMNIEngage Advisor Sales Tool

Compound Wealth Retirement App

September 2020

Compound Wealth uses an OMNIEngage calculator to get their customers interacting online. Their retirement calculator allows a more in-depth look at and modelling of your retirement scenarios.

OMNIEngage Advisor Sales Tool

Project Launch for Lifestages

July 2020

Will you have enough money when you retire? Lifestages use OMNICalc to engage their website visitors and make sure they are informed.

OMNIEngage Advisor Sales Tool

Helping BNZ Customers Get the Most Out of KiwiSaver

June 2020

The KiwiSaver Navigator tool was built by OMNIMax to help BNZ customers see what a difference small changes to their KiwiSaver could make.

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OMNICalc Launch for FoxPlan

May 2020

FoxPlan uses OMNICalc to engage its website visitors and generate leads. We’ve just launched two updates for FoxPlan including a FMA compliant KiwiSaver calculator and their upgraded ‘investment slider’.

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