The security of your data and your client data is of the utmost importance to us.

Data security: how we protect your data

In this technology driven age, the importance of data security continues to increase. OMNIMax’s servers have SSL Certificates issued by leading certificate authorities, this means your data is encrypted when it comes from you to us. To ensure you have the best protection and data security we recommend you use a browser that supports this data encryption. Keep your browsers up to date at all times – this will ensure all data transferred is secure. Use this handy tool to make sure you’re up-to-date!

OMNIMax stores your data in the location that gives you the most efficient access from wherever in the world you may be. Access and storage controls are however administered by OMNIMax in New Zealand as the custodian of that data.

ISO Accreditation

ISO 27001, 9001 Certification!

We’re currently in the process of becoming ISO certified. Find out more about our journey…