Enable visual demonstration of the value of your advice by modelling financial scenarios with in-depth charts and analysis

OMNIEngage is a tool designed to aid financial advisers in sales, allowing quick demonstration of the value of your advice by modelling differenct scenarios based on a clients selections. Engage current and prospective clients visually with in-depth charts and analysis, based around your products and solutions, and collect their information to follow-up.

We have templates available for Investment, including KiwiSaver, which are adviser driven and can be customised to the specific requirements of your business.

For Investment and KiwiSaver advisers make selections around a clients personal situation, including goals and risk preference, to generate charts and analysis and show how their savings may grow.

OMNIEngage allows a customisable on-boarding workflow pushing the information collected through to be used in the production of a Statement of Advice and can allow clients to sign up for your products and services online,

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“The purpose of the KiwiSaver Navigator tool was to give our staff the confidence to have a discussion that provides the customer with all the necessary information to make decisions. We’ve introduced this with the primary goal of improving customer outcomes!”

Peter Forster
General Manager – Wealth, BNZ

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Talk to us about what you need to demonstrate to your clients, we’ve got templates available for KiwiSaver, Investment, Mortgage, Insurance and more that can be customised to your business.

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